Hi! My name is Marcie.


I originally started this blog as a cathartic way to address some of my stress and anxiety. You see, I have been a Probation Officer for the last several years, until my recent maternity leave. As you can imagine, this job was stressful due to the very nature of the clients I worked with. On a daily basis I worked with people that are volatile, angry with themselves and the world, have been violent, are sick, are traumatized and victimized, and most importantly, these are people that don’t want to talk to a Probation Officer about their problems.

My job was to break down their walls and to get to the heart of why they commit their crimes. Much of my criminal justice career has focused on men and women that have committed violence in their relationships. This is a challenging group of men and women because their behaviour often stems from ingrained beliefs and attitudes that they’ve developed over a lifetime of inadequate nurturing or modeling from their own families, in addition to connections with antisocial and angry peers. Not to mention many of these individuals struggle with the disease of addiction that our society so often falls short in addressing and healing.

Furthermore, I began to fall into a depression due to a lack of support I felt from my supervisors and the criminal justice system in general. There is a real lack of resources available to those that are in the helping field, whether it’s Correctional Officers in facilities, Probation Officers, Child Protection Workers, Income Assistance workers, Healthcare workers, Educational workers, you name it. Funding is always taken from human services fields first.

So, this blog was created so I could vent. I initially named it Health for Mom because I wanted to be healthier in body and mind for my husband and my children. It has taken me probably two or three years to begin feeling like myself again, so I’ve rebranded myself as Prairie Chick to espouse my pride in living in the Canadian prairies. I’d love to share with the world that the prairies aren’t always dull, and the people aren’t always simple. So I plan on writing a variety of topics such as recipes, health, well-being, DIYs, etc.

So welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy my content!

Prairie Chick