Hey what’s up my friends! It’s Wednesday which means it’s hump day!

Ever since I started my new job a couple weeks ago, I’ve gotten even more stingy with the time it takes me to cook dinner. By the time I get the kids home, I don’t really want to think about it that much, ya know? But I’m all about that proper nutrition – and I’m a cheap-ass, so takeout is just not in the cards 95% of the time.

So! I wanted to provide a go-to meal for the parent on the go that will fill your family up with flavourful and nutritionally-sound recipe. A whole chicken dinner in 20 minutes (or less). So let’s hop to it!


  • Whole chicken (taken from the freezer first thing in the morning)
  • Chicken broth (or water)
  • Salt & pepper
  • Clubhouse Poultry Freeze-Dried Seasoning
  • Rice/Cauliflower rice/quinoa/potatoes

Start by taking a whole chicken out of your freezer first thing in the morning before you leave for work, and place it in a large oven-safe dish (with lid). Place the chicken in the dish and pour enough broth to have about 1/4” of liquid at the bottom. Next, season your chicken with some salt and pepper and your poultry seasoning. Sometimes I also like to fancy things up a bit by adding some garlic, and shove the bird with a couple lemons. This time I kept things simple.

Place the lid on the dish and place the dish in the oven.

Next, you get to use your oven’s delay bake feature. Yay! How often do you really utilize it? A lot of people I talk to don’t even think to use it! Your oven’s delay feature may work differently than mine, and if so, check your owner’s manual for a step by step.

For me, I press the Delay Start button on the oven face. Then, I set the time that I want the oven to begin heating up (I went with 3:30 pm as I know it generally takes 90 minutes in my oven to cook a whole chicken). Finally, press the bake button and set the oven’s temperature. Again, I went with 400 degrees. If you want the chicken to have a nice slow bake (resulting in juicier meat), then definitely set your oven to a lower temperature and get it heating up earlier. Play with it!

Finally, get your a** out the door and make that paper, boo boo.

When you return from work, put a pot of rice or whatever on the stove and either turn your oven right down, or off, leaving the chicken in there. When the rice is done, take the chicken out and carve it up. Serve with your side and a salad or vegetables.

I carve my chicken with Tupperware poultry shears. They are the bomb-diggity but seriously be careful! They are super sharp (they can cut through bone) and I almost cut off the tip of one of my fingers.

Bon Appetit!

Posted by:Prairie Chick

Wife and a mother to two children living in the Canadian prairies. In constant pursuit of mental and physical health through diet, exercise and self-care.

3 replies on “Chicken Dinner for the busy Parent

  1. I like that green oven dish. Stylish, kinda retro, and unique!

    I don’t think our oven has a “Delay Start” feature. I guess it’s too old-school for that, lol!

    OK. A serious question. So, you leave the raw, frozen chicken thawing in the oven for several hours? Is that safe? I’m a bit naive in the kitchen, so I don’t know.


    1. Thanks Jason!

      It may be worth a look see in your instruction manual just in case. I have an old oven in one of my rental properties that has the delay feature. I believe the oven is about 20 years old.

      And yes, I do. My mom has done this, my grandma has done this and in all our years no one has gotten sick or had food poisoning. As long as your cooking your chicken to the recommended temperature of about 165-170 F, it should kill anything that may be lurking.

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