Happy Wednesday everyone! You may or may not be wondering where I’ve been since Friday. I missed Sunday and Monday’s posts because I was spending some time with family and then recovering from spending time with family. In Canada we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October instead of November and this past weekend was it. As much as I love my family, I always feel exhausted after spending time with them. Being around a lot of people at once takes a lot out of this chick with anxiety.

Our family had a lot of turkey! We had turkey at my in-laws’ place on Saturday, and then again at my grandma’s on Sunday. And we brought home a huge Ziploc of leftover turkey. Of course, we used a good amount of the leftover turkey in wraps and sandwiches. But there was A LOT, and you can only have so many wraps and sandwiches. So I made my Italian Soup (which is typically vegetarian) with the leftover turkey and it was amazing! Interested in learning how? Come check it out!

First, grab a large soup pot and put some olive oil or butter at the bottom. Chop some onion and put them in the pot with the butter/oil. Turn the stove on to Medium – Medium High heat and start sautéing the onions until they start browning.

While your onions sauté, chop four stalks of celery, and three carrots. If you have fresh tomatoes on hand, prep about 6 of them. Cut the tops off, and boil in a separate pot until the skins can slip right off them (mine took about 15 minutes)

Add about 6 cups of broth. Usually I use vegetable broth for my OG recipe, but I had made chicken bone broth in the Instant Pot the other day, so I used that instead. Put your chopped carrots and celery in the soup and stir.

Next, take your leftover turkey, and either shred it by hand (I did it like that since the turkey was tender enough to pull apart) or with a knife. Up to you! Add your shredded turkey to the soup and stir.

If your tomatoes are done at this point, get those skins off, mash them up a bit and add them to the soup. If you don’t have tomatoes on hand, one can of tomato paste will do the same thing!

Finally, add two tablespoons of minced garlic, and two tablespoons of Clubhouse Italiano Seasoning. If you do not have Clubhouse Italiano, use whatever Italian seasoning blend you have on hand. OR add 1/2 tsp sage, 1/2 tsp rosemary, 1/2 tsp thyme, 1 tsp basil and 1 tsp oregano. Add some salt and pepper to taste, then stir and let simmer for 30 minutes or more.


This soup is so hearty and so easy to make, it’s a delicious staple you can easily add to your list of weeknight meals!

What do you think? Would you try this recipe? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to click that like button, and share it!

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Wife and a mother to two children living in the Canadian prairies. In constant pursuit of mental and physical health through diet, exercise and self-care.

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