Happy Sunday folks!! I hope your weekends have been relaxing and rejuvenating. Get ready for the upcoming week because she’ll be here soon. But we still have some time for fun, and Sundays are always a good time to stretch that creative muscle while you wait to switch laundry loads. Let’s get into some DIYing!

So, for today’s DIY Sunday I did three Mason Jar luminaries. What’s a mason jar luminary, you may be wondering? Well it’s a mason jar that’s been crafted to coincide with whichever holiday you’re creating it for, with an “inner glow” or “inner light”.

Credit: Pinterest

Super cute, amiright? Well, with Halloween coming up I wanted to go with a classic Halloween theme: Nightmare Before Christmas!

If you’re interested in how I made these cuties, keep on reading!

First, take a clean mason jar and, with a sharpie, roughly draw your first character. I treated my mason jar luminary as if it was a pumpkin I was going to carve. So I had that in mind while doing the sketch. I started with Sally since she would be the most complicated.

Next, paint the areas you don’t want the light to shine through. Since I treated mine as jack-o-lanterns, I painted her face, leaving her eyes.

Sally is a light blue colour in the show, so I mixed a little peacock blue acrylic paint with a lot of white paint to get a really light blue.

First coat

Next, I painted her red hair and lips.

Because of the light colour of the paint I needed another coat. So, you need the first coat to dry. Therefore, set her aside so the paint can dry and start your next luminary.

I started on Oogie Boogie next. Again, do a rough sketch of the guy as if you would be carving him into a pumpkin. I again decided to have his eyes and mouth be the spots the light would shine through.

Since Oogie Boogie is green, I just went ahead and painted him green.

First coat

And I painted the remainder of the jar black. Now set this jar aside while the paint dries and move on to your third and final luminary.

Now for the final luminary, I went with the King of Halloween himself, Jack Skellington. He was by far the easiest luminary, so if you’re intimidated by the work for Sally or Oogie Boogie and you want to stick with something simple, definitely go with Jack Skellington.

Jack Skellington is a skeleton so he’s just white. I painted him white and I painted the remainder of the jar black.

Keep in mind that after the paint dries on all of these jars, you will add the finer details. This is just your preliminary painting. Now that Jack is painted, set him aside and return to Sally. We’re doing the second coat.

I decided to paint Sally’s eyes white instead of leaving them so she’ll have more of a glow instead of a bright light through the eyes. Set her aside again. And return to Oogie Boogie.

I didn’t need a second coat for Oogie Boogie’s green so I focused on his final details.

Set him aside and return to Jack. Again, Jack didn’t need a second coat so I did his finer details (mouth stitches).

Set him aside and return to Sally to clean her up a little. Then paint your lids. For Sally’s lid, I painted it red and black to make it look like it’s a part of her hair, and for Oogie and Jack, I just painted their lids black for continuity.

Once your jars and lids of dry, stick some fairy lights or LED tea light candle in the jar and set them out! And enjoy your handiwork!

Do you enjoy decorating holidays such as Halloween? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

And, as tomorrow is Monday, I’ll be back tomorrow!

Ciao for now!

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      1. They look just like something that could be in Michael’s. They have that rustic look to them, which is what I like.


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