It’s Friday, folks! Fridays have always meant the end of a long work-week for me (until I became a mom and the weeks never seem to end…they all just..blur…together). But you know what? I started this strategy about one month ago when I decided to get serious about getting healthy again. Want to know my secret? I work out six out of the seven days of the week. You’re probably thinking that that’s not a secret, but what I do is I take my rest days on Fridays. Rest days aren’t just to restore and repair your muscles from the work they did throughout the week. It’s also an opportunity for you to rest your mind and take a breather for a day. Maybe unplug for a few hours, you know? But what does that have to do with this blog post, anyway? Well I decided I should start organizing this blog, and since I’m a daily writer, I should organize it by days. From henceforth, Fridays are #feelgoodfridays on this blog. I feel good on Fridays because, REST DAY!

Story time (and delicious recipe at the end that’s quick and easy to make)!

A few years ago, my cousin or my sister-in-law had their wedding shower (I don’t remember who, there were a lot of weddings that year) at my mom’s place. We like doing big shindigs at my mom’s because she’s got three bathrooms and a big kitchen. And she’s also the queen of pumping out delicious food for big groups. My mom likes to keep things simple and she likes to keep things real (I’m nothing like this woman). So on this particular day, mom decided to keep things simple like she does, and make wraps for all the people attending this shower. Wraps are an economical, delicious food staple that I think everyone should include in their hosting repertoires. To keep things even MORE simple, this was her wrap recipe: Take any tortilla shell, slather it in philadelphia cream cheese spread (she went with herb & garlic), throw on a few pieces of deli meat, roll tightly, cut the wrap into thirds, and arrange in a pretty way on a platter. Voila. And you know what? Everyone went crazy for these wraps! They were SO simple, and something I would never have thought of making before. So this post (and wrap recipe) is dedicated to my mom, the queen of simplicity and keepin’ it real.

First things first, chop up a few chicken breasts into small-ish pieces. Put them in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil or 1/2 cup of broth. While your chicken is cooking, slice an onion, as well as two or three bell peppers. Add these to your pan and cook with the chicken. I season this mix with some garlic powder, pepper, and herbs such as chives and parsley. Make this filling ahead of time, so it’s ready to go during the week when you’re rushing.

When you’re in a rush to make some quick food that everyone will like, this is what you’ll do:

Pull out whatever tortilla shell you have in your pantry or freezer (I like keeping the Silver Hills Sprouted Grain tortillas on hand). Spread some hummus on the tortilla shell (you may be wondering about the hummus, but just trust me on this one).

This is roasted garlic hummus which adds more flavour

Put some lettuce on the tortilla (if you have it on hand – I didn’t have lettuce while I was making this one, but don’t worry, I have something else up my sleeve). Next, pull out your chicken and vegetable mix you fried up on a Sunday when things were chill and you had the time, and scoop some of it onto your tortilla shell. It’s very important you don’t add too much, or your tortilla won’t stay rolled and you’ll have a big mess when you’re eating it.

Next, I recommend chopping up a small cucumber (and tomato, if you like tomatoes), and place that on the tortilla. I also like adding sprouts to my tortilla – if you don’t like sprouts, skip them and go with lettuce instead. I went with sprouts instead of lettuce on this one.

Finally, add some ranch to your wrap (and hot sauce if you like to spice things up). Now, fold the two ends of the tortilla (at the ends of your filling line), and roll the tortilla as tight as you can while holding those ends in as you roll. I only have two hands and no money to pay an assistant so I don’t have pictures of how you do this. You can either cut the wrap in half, or just wrap the whole thing in Saran Wrap if you’re sending it for lunch.

Seriously, if you’re having company or your rushing to get your family out the door so you can have your first cup of coffee for the day, these take no time at all to pump out. This is something we can all feel good about.


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Wife and a mother to two children living in the Canadian prairies. In constant pursuit of mental and physical health through diet, exercise and self-care.

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